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About Me:

We’re an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California. Other than getting great music out there, we like riding bikes, great coffee, bouquets of fruit, long walks on the beach, burritos, c.c. deville, cover bands (sometimes), quacking, going green, bens, berries, slamming phones, wangs, top 10 lists, and working hard. “Our goal is to make every effort we put behind our artists as vital as their music. It’s ‘do or die’ for all of us, in the best possible way.”


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Favorite Music:

Silversun Pickups, The Dears, Sea Wolf, Darker My Love, Ed Laurie, La Rocca, Dappled Cities, The One AM Radio, Eulogies, Eric Avery, Peter Walker

Favorite Movies:

THE DEARS Missiles - out NOW, ED LAURIE Meanwhile In The Park - out NOW, LA ROCCA OK Okay - out NOW, EULOGIES Tempted To Do Nothing EP - out NOW, DARKER MY LOVE 2 - out NOW, SILVERSUN PICKUPS Carnavas - out NOW, SEA WOLF Leaves in the River - out NOW, ERIC AVERY Help Wanted - out NOW, EULOGIES self-titled DEBUT release - out NOW, SEA WOLF Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low - out NOW, DAPPLED CITIES Granddance - out NOW, THE ONE AM RADIO This Too Will Pass - out NOW, LA ROCCA The Truth - out NOW, DARKER MY LOVE - out NOW